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  • 39 – Happy Birthday, Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola!

    BUONGIORNO! This week, we talk about our oldest birthday buddy (SO FAR), architecture, Italy, and thanksgiving! Plus learn about our home ownership horrors and what podcast we’re loving (SPOILER: It’s […]

  • 38 – The Movie “The Social Network” Premieres

    Are you ready for our social network hot takes? FACEBOOK IS THE WORST, and we’re not too fond of Twitter as well. Find out why, plus David Fincher admiration, llama […]

  • 37 – Thalidomide is Introduced

    DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS! Enjoy our takes on what meds we can’t live without and why. Can we take on a topic this dark but still make it a fun listen? […]


    HERE IT IS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHO CARES FOR REALS! It’s finally October 1st, so come enjoy our special day with us. Find out what our most memorable birthdays were, plus […]

  • 35 – It will be OUR BIRTHDAY, and we’re having a PARTY!

    It’s almost October 1st, so you know what that means? Tune in to this week’s tiny episode to find out why Randall went to LA and why Valerie is cleaning […]

  • 34 – Half-Breed by Cher is Number One

    CHER IS THE BEST! We have one of our more difficult chats including FUN topics, like Johnny Depp being canceled, cultural appropriation, and outrageous fashion. Also we want to hang […]

  • 33 – Remington Steele Debuts

    It’s all about fedoras and trench coats as we talk about the 80s, TV, and James Bond (AGAIN!) Also, we share some dream casting and important skin care tips on […]

  • 32 – Happy Birthday, Mark McGwire!

    We’re birthday buddies with Big Mac, so of course we talk about fast food, Jose Canseco, and finally give our opinion on drugs. All this, plus Randall tells another cringe-worthy […]

  • 31 – The Departed Premieres

    WE HATE VEGAS, BABY! Also we talk remakes, the Marvel cinematic universe, and Hong Kong pop stars, plus Valerie reveals her opinion on Mark Wahlberg on this week’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY […]

  • 30 – Pope John Paul II Visits the United States

    It’s time for the easiest and least controversial topic of conversation possible, RELIGION! We talk about our own Catholic connections, Marvel comics, plus Randall shares another childhood tale of terror […]


Valerie was born on October 1st. So was Randall. Happy birthday! Who cares?

Every week, we pick an event that occurred on our special day, and then talk about something that’s almost not at all related to that. Maybe you’ll learn something or maybe you’ll just listen to us laugh about nothing. It’s our birthday, so have a piece of cake or whatever.